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About Nusantara Seaweed

Welcome to Nusantara Seaweed, your premier destination for the finest Indonesian seaweed. Our journey began with a passion for the rich variety and quality of Indonesian seaweed, prompting us to establish Nusantara Seaweed. We believe in making premium seaweed accessible to all, offering a diverse selection of varieties known for their exceptional taste and nutritional value. With our platform, you can easily explore and enjoy top-tier seaweed options from Indonesia. Our mission is simple: to provide you with a reliable source for high-quality Indonesian seaweed, simplifying your experience and ensuring satisfaction. Thank you for choosing Nusantara Seaweed for your seaweed needs.

Our Products

Discover our premium raw seaweed materials, meticulously sourced and cultivated to perfection. Our selection includes Eucheuma Cottonii, Eucheuma Spinosum, Sargassum, and Gracilaria, renowned for their freshness and quality. Whatever your industry is, our raw seaweed materials provide a versatile and nutritious ingredient for your production needs. Explore the purity and potential of our seaweed offerings, crafted with care and sustainability in mind.

Euchema Cottoni

• Type : Dried Euchema Cottoni
• Moisture Level: 37%-38%
• Impurity Level: 3%

Gracilaria Sp

• Type : Dried Gracilaria
• Moisture Level: <17%
• Impurity Level: <3%

Sargassum Sp

• Type : Dried Sargassum
• Moisture Level: 18-20%
• Impurity Level: 2 %

Euchema Spinossum

• Dried Spinosum
• Moisture Level: 37 %
• Impurity Level: 3 %


Step into the captivating world of Indonesian seaweed at Nusantara Seaweed’s gallery.  Each image tells a story of our commitment to sourcing and delivering the finest seaweed products, crafted with care and passion. Explore our gallery and discover the beauty and versatility of Indonesian seaweed with Nusantara Seaweed as your trusted guide.

Our Features

Diverse Varieties

We offer a wide array of Indonesian seaweed varieties, each boasting its own unique profile and nutritional benefits. Discover the depth and breadth of Indonesian seaweed culture through our extensive range, where each variety promises to enrich your products, symbolizing the richness and diversity of our oceans.

Premium Quality

We take pride in delivering only the highest quality Indonesian seaweed to our customers. Sourced from the best seaweed-producing regions in Indonesia and meticulously processed, our seaweed products undergo strict quality control measures to ensure purity and consistency of quality

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority at Nusa Seaweed. We stand behind the quality and integrity of our products, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way. We invite you to experience the excellence of Indonesian seaweed with Nusantara Seaweed as your trusted partner.

Discover Our Amazing Product Range

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